I don’t remember my mother.  All I know about her are the things that I have been told, or that I have found through research.

Eunis Emily Terry was born in El Paso, El Paso, Texas, in 1920. Her parents were John Edward Terry and Cora Mae Lung.

As a child she fell on a pair of baling shears and lost an eye.  Infection set in and she lost her vision in the other eye.

While they were living in Arkansas, her father John Terry tied her to the bed and beat her with a belt.  He was arrested and sent to prison.


(1)  Edwin Albert Braem Sr.

(2)  Virgil Floyd Reed

(3)  John Roly Motley

Eunis died in 1975, in Bay Minette, Alabama, from a heart attack.

Eunis Emily Terry   Picture taken in Amarillo, Texas, in the early 1950s.



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  1. Bud McGill says:

    You’ve put alot of time into this. It looks really good and well thought out. Keep up the good work.


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