I don’t remember my mother.  All I know about her are the things that I have been told, or that I have found through research.

Eunis Emily Terry was born in El Paso, El Paso, Texas, in 1920. Her parents were John Edward Terry and Cora Mae Lung.

As a child she fell on a pair of baling shears and lost an eye.  Infection set in and she lost her vision in the other eye.

While they were living in Arkansas, her father John Terry tied her to the bed and beat her with a belt.  He was arrested and sent to prison.


(1)  Edwin Albert Braem Sr.

(2)  Virgil Floyd Reed

(3)  John Roly Motley

Eunis died in 1975, in Bay Minette, Alabama, from a heart attack.

Eunis Emily Terry   Picture taken in Amarillo, Texas, in the early 1950s.



Tombstone Tuesday

These are the front and top views of my great-grandfather, James R. (Razee) Reed’s headstone in Falls City, Nebraska.

James Reed is an enigma to me.  His surname was originally “Razee.”  At some point he changed it to “Reed.”   I am searching for the reason for his name change.  At this point, I believe it was due to the following factor…James R. Razee served in the Civil War.  He was wounded and sent to a hospital in Tennessee.  At some point during his hospital stay, he simply walked away, and disappeared.  He is listed on military records as a deserter.  I am thinking he must have ended up in Nebraska, and decided to begin a new life, with a new name.  However, I have no proof that this is the reason for the name change.  If you have any proof that will shed light on this conundrum,  please contact me.


I decided to do a DNA test to find out my geographical background.  So, I ordered a test through  Some of the results surprised me; some of them did not.


Europe:     96%

Great Britain  65%

(England, Scotland, Wales)  

Ireland   12%

(Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

Scandinavia  8%

(Sweden, Norway, Denmark) 

Europe West   6%

(Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein)

Italy/Greece   4%

Iberian Peninsula   <1%

(Spain, Portugal)  

West Asia:    4%

Caucasus   3%

(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey)

Middle East  <1%

(Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,  Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates  [UAE],  Lebanon, Israel)



Searching My Paternal Line

Also, I am seeking information on my father’s side of the family. This is all the info that I have so far. Can anyone help me? Please email me at :

My father, Virgil Floyd Reed, was born 10 May 1911, in Spalding, Greeley County, NE.  He died 19 April 1972, in the Veterans’ Hospital in Amarillo, Potter County, TX.

Virgil’s father, my grandfather, was Edwin Otis Reed Sr., born 11 February 1876, in Nebraska.

Virgil’s mother, my grandmother, was Linnie Mae Berry.  She was born 10 July 1891, in Missouri.  Edwin and Linnie were married in July 1910, in Nebraska.

Virgil was married three times.

First, to Martha “Marty” Jones.  As far as I know, they had no children together.

Second, to my mother, Eunis Emily Terry, on 2 August 1949, in El Paso, El Paso County, TX.  They had six children:  (1) Edwin Albert Braem, born (prior to their marriage)  on 30 Mar 1947, in El Paso, El Paso County, Texas.  (2,3)  Twin Girls, stillborn sometime between 1947-1950, in Texas.  (4) John Floyd Reed, born 15 Aug 1950, in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas.  (5) Elois Jean Reed (changed to Emma in 1995), born 2 July 1951, in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas.  (6)  Robert Virgil Reed, born 5 Oct 1953, in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas.

And lastly, to Emily Tinker.  They had no children.

Searching Maternal Line