Tombstone Tuesday

These are the front and top views of my great-grandfather, James R. (Razee) Reed’s headstone in Falls City, Nebraska.

James Reed is an enigma to me.  His surname was originally “Razee.”  At some point he changed it to “Reed.”   I am searching for the reason for his name change.  At this point, I believe it was due to the following factor…James R. Razee served in the Civil War.  He was wounded and sent to a hospital in Tennessee.  At some point during his hospital stay, he simply walked away, and disappeared.  He is listed on military records as a deserter.  I am thinking he must have ended up in Nebraska, and decided to begin a new life, with a new name.  However, I have no proof that this is the reason for the name change.  If you have any proof that will shed light on this conundrum,  please contact me.